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Be Fit Not Fat is created by the ReCreation King Douglas McCoy for people like you. They didn’t just call him ReCreation King for nothing, he is a known coach and has specialized in helping people reach their life goals and yes of course, ReCreate themselves. Break out of those mind barriers and be ready to Be Fit Not Fat!

Losing weight will just come easy with the right mindset, discipline, and a hopeful heart. You cannot do and achieve anything if you don’t believe that you can do it in the first place. Doug will show you new perspectives and inspire you – the first step to shedding off those pounds.

Being fit does not only give you those new flattering curves and muscles, we all know that being fit has a lot of health benefits. Healthy people with normal body mass indexes are less prone to illnesses like osteoporosis, diabetes, hypertension, sleep disorders and even some cancers.

This eBook may be the motivational read you have been waiting for all this time. Many people fail to lose pounds because they are simply not purpose-driven and inspired. They don’t have a sound direction and end up wandering off the path towards the goal. They become distracted and end up failing, feeling bad about themselves with not being able to finish what they have started.

Douglas McCoy ReCreation King

Douglas McCoy has already helped countless individuals reach their goals. Many have already been living their new, ReCreated lives. Doug will help you be disciplined and goal-oriented though the process of being fit. He believes that “Its all in the mind!”. Well indeed it is.

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